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Activities at Robinwood


The children are taught how to use the bows safely and then practice shooting at 120cm target boards.  Once they have had the chance to practice their skills, they take part in archery challenges which are great fun.

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The children are shown how to use the oars correctly to move the canoe backwards and forwards.  They have to work as a team as they are in twos or threes so it is important to be able to work together to get the canoe moving in the right direction! They play lots of games such as canoe football which can be be quite a challenge but the children always     rise to the occasion.

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Robinwood have a specially designed indoor caving system so it is extremely safe.  Along the tunnels are emergency exits so the children can get out if needed. Our children really enjoy caving and learn rescue methods which they then put into practice by having to rescue a figure within the cave system using their first aid skills and a stretcher.

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The children thoroughly enjoy the climbing sessions.  All the children challenged themselves and many make it right to the top of the indoor climbing wall.  They also play bouldering games where they have a move along a low level climbing wall according to specific rules like only touching the blue hand holds.  It is quite difficult and the instructors and very adept at adapting the rules to make it challenging for the children at different ability levels.  The children need determination and perseverance to achieve.

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Crate Challenge

This activity relies completely on effective team work as a small group of children have to build a tower from the crates, climbing up it as they go.  The challenge is to see which team can build the highest one. Not easy...but always great fun!

Giant Swing

The children love this one!  Adventure and teamwork combine on the giant swing. Two children wearing full harness go on the swing together, securely attached to the swing bar.  The children on the swing can choose when they pull the release cord to start. It's their choice whether they start from the highest point or release closer to the ground for a more gentle swing. However high they choose to go, the giant swing is one of the most exhilarating and popular activities.


This activity relies heavily on great communication between the team.  The children always support and help each other through the course. With blindfold in place the children put one hand on the rope and then follow it wherever it goes. It goes to all sorts of interesting places!  This activity provides the children with a real insight into what life may be like for people who have visual impairments which helps develop empathy. The surprises to be discovered on route as children worm their way over, under and through various obstacles ensure the session is also a lot of fun.

Piranha Pool

'Piranha pool' is always one of the most eagerly anticipated sessions at Robinwood. The children must demonstrate skills in planning, communicating, evaluating and problem solving whilst they tackle ‘crystal maze’ type challenges, going back and to across the 'piranha pool', without falling in.  Don't worry the 'piranhas' never caused anyone any harm! Challenging, exciting and great fun!

Obstacle Course

The children have great fun during this activity.  There are tunnels to crawl through, walls and scramble netting to climb over, rope bridges to cross and various other obstacles for each group to overcome.  In order to make their way round, the group need to work together to overcome many of the obstacles they face.


There are a series of problems for each activity group to overcome and if they can manage to do this the Quest is achieved. To find solutions they will need brain power and physical skills, but most of all teamwork. There are problems for the whole activity group together and problems for smaller groups, which ensure that every child is involved. 

Dungeon of Doom

The group need to escape together from the Dungeon of Doom; they can only do this through excellent teamwork, with some problems to be solved in small groups and other challenges to be overcome with the whole group working together. Tunnels connect some of the dungeon areas. Typical problems include a sensored dungeon floor with only one safe route through and a large tilt maze which needs total teamwork to solve. Another enjoyable activity!


Many of the children face and overcome their fears when they tackle the trapeze.  They climb up to stand on a platform around 5 metres above the ground, then leap off and catch a bar, which is dangling a short distance in front of them.  The buzz of excitement created throughout makes this a very popular activity session.

Zip Wire

Zip wire is a real thrill activity!  It is great for group support and encouragement, individual confidence and achievement. There are two zip wires from each platform, in order to reduce waiting time and maximise group involvement. The children love zooming down the zip wire and enjoy a real sense of achievement when they have completed it.