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Reception Spring 2 2017

Here is an overview of some of the things your child will be learning this half term in the different areas of learning. The topics we choose are heavily led by the children’s interests and usually encompass several areas of learning. For this reason, the topics will change to reflect the direction the children wish to take their learning. This half term we are going to be following the children’s interest in the outdoors by initially learning through the topic of mini beasts before moving onto lifecycles and life on the farm.


If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Mrs Bennett and Miss Heslop


Understanding of the world/ Speaking & listening

As part of our topic learning we will be going on our first school trip of the year to St Leonards Farm Park in Esholt. This is a really exciting opportunity for all of the children, some of who haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit a farm. As well as it being an exciting experience with opportunities for learning across our curriculum parents have also been invited to take part so it is sure to be an experience that will be remembered for years to come. At the farm we will have a baby animal talk led by Farmer James who will introduce us to a host of new arrivals on the farm. Children will have the opportunity to feed a range of animals and enjoy letting off some steam in the barn sized soft play zone. We hope this unique experience will promote discussion based around the animal’s similarities and differences, as well as helping the children engage in back and forth discussion, listening to their peers and giving meaningful responses during conversation.



This half term the children will continue to learn the rest of their phase 3 phonic sounds and tricky words alongside the skills of writing four sound and polysyllabic words from phase 4. After a successful second parents phonics workshop we are excited to see the even more amazing progress with the continued support from all of the parents and carers at home. During the workshop we discussed how to use sounds buttons to identify and read diagraphs in words, how to use our spelling fingers and known sounds to tackle more complicated 4 sound words and the importance of using the phase 3 sound mats to assist children in remembering and using the sizeable range of new sounds that they’ve been learning. In class the children will be engaged in writing through weekly writing challenges promoted throughout the classroom environment, work in busy books, daily phonics sessions and small group guided writing activities.



This term we will be moving on from reviewing our number knowledge to 20 to applying the skills of addition and subtraction using our number knowledge. During maths sessions we have been learning both addition and subtraction in a highly practical way, exploring how we can do these skills with the support of resources including tens frames, bead strings, numicon and number lines. We have also begun looking at what the written symbols in number problems look like and how to work out number problems in the form of written sentences i.e. Lucy has 10 strawberries and Mrs Bennet eats 2, how many does she have left? During every session we also have a focus on verbal reasoning, encouraging the children to talk about how they have solved number problems and how they know that certain answers are correct. Other topics that we’ll be looking at in mathematics this term are 3D shapes and language around the subject of time.