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Reception Spring 2 2018

Reception Curriculum Newsletter for Spring 2


Here is an overview of some of the things your child will be learning this half term in the different areas of learning.  The topics we choose are heavily led by the children’s interests and usually encompass several areas of learning. For this reason, the topics will change to reflect the direction the children wish to take their learning.  This half term we are going to be following the children’s interest in the outdoors by initially learning through the topic of mini beasts before moving onto lifecycles and life on the farm.


If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Yours sincerely

Miss Heslop and Miss Rowley-Smith

Understanding the world/ Speaking & listening:

This term we will be learning all about minibeasts and lifecycles. During the first few weeks we will be exploring a whole range of creepy crawlies, taking the opportunity to compare and contrast their characteristics and discuss their habitats. As part of this topic children will have access to real creatures trapped in resin and will have the opportunity to get a closer look by using magnifying glasses and microscopes. We will also be using bee bots to ‘code’ our way around some garden settings. As the term progresses we will be having a special visitor who will be bringing us some real live hens to meet and greet and, before she goes, she will be leaving us some eggs of our very own! They will take 21 days to incubate within our own in-class incubator and if we’re lucky, some of them will hatch before our very eyes. This topic is a great opportunity to see growth and change first hand, learn how to care for living things and of course, do some very cute pictures of chicks.



This half term the children will continue to learn the rest of their phase 3 phonic sounds and tricky words alongside the skills of writing four sound and polysyllabic words from phase 4. After a successful second parents phonics workshop we are excited to see the even more amazing progress with the continued support from all of the parents and carers at home. During the workshop we discussed how to use sounds buttons to identify and read diagraphs in words, how to use our spelling fingers and known sounds to tackle more complicated 4 sound words and the importance of using the phase 3 sound mats to assist children in remembering and using the sizeable range of new sounds that they’ve been learning. In class the children will be engaged in writing through weekly writing challenges promoted throughout the classroom environment, work in busy books, daily phonics sessions and small group guided writing activities.



This term we will continue to deepen our understanding of number, working towards the number 10 by the end of Spring. Children have responded really positively to our new approach of learning each number for a slightly longer time and are now highly skilled at recognising numbers presented in different ways. The children are continuing  to learn which numbers can be combined to make other numbers using a variety of resources. On top of this they are also learning to add and take away numbers from each other and even solve difficult word problems by drawing their own pictures to aid their working out.


Physical development:

Now children are starting to develop really confident pencil grips, we will be focusing more on a range of larger, gross motor skills. This term we will be getting to grips with ball skills and will regularly be pushing, patting, throwing and kicking balls of all sizes. We will learn to pass to a partner in different ways and increase our control as we use different parts of our body. Maybe as we reach the end of the term we’ll even try larger group games.