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Y1 Autumn 2 2017

Welcome back to the second half term in Year 1! We have a jam-packed half term of fun activities, theme days and Christmas excitement! The children will also be starring in their Year 1 Christmas Production at the end of the half- term which I am sure you are looking forward to… hankies at the ready!


Best wishes

Miss Dean and Miss Berry


Learning Challenge: Are old toys more magnificent than mine?

This half term, the children will be exploring the history of toys. Firstly they will look at a range of old toys and compare how these are similar or different to the toys they play with today, especially those which Santa Claus has just brought them! They will think about how toys have changed and whether these changes have all been for the better. We will be going on a school trip to Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall to take part in workshops and gain some hands on experience with some really old toys! Lastly the children will be working on an exciting project to design a new toy for a reception child. We will be working with a real toy design company who will support the children along the way - giving them hints and tips for how to design an amazing toy suitable for their reception 'client!' There may even be a prize for the best design!


Christmas Enterprise Design and Technology project

As well as rehearsing for our Christmas production, the children will also be busy as we head towards the festive season, designing and making some lovely Christmas decorations which will be sold at the Christmas Fair. The idea is that the children will learn all about the idea of enterprise by purchasing the resources to make their decorations, making them, and then selling them to make a profit. They will work hard to design, paint and decorate the decorations for an attractive and professional finish. You will most definitely want one of these adorning your Christmas tree this year!




In writing this half term we will start by looking at the story ‘Traction Man’. We are going to have great fun creating new characters and adventures for Traction Man to take part in. This will lead to the children creating their own adventure comic strip story, which we can’t wait to read! Our writing focus will be to ensure all our sentences make sense and the children will be given lots of opportunities to go back, read their work and make any changes using a green pen. We will also be thinking about how we can add more detail and description by adding adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Following our trip to Abbey House Museum we will then start our next ‘Talk for Writing’ unit. This will be a recount of their time at the museum which we hope the children will really enjoy.



In guided reading, we will continue to work on recognising high frequency words on sight, and using our phonics to decode new and unknown words. We will also focus on basic comprehension skills such as predicting what might happen next or making links with our own lives and experiences. The children will also continue to read their home reading books in school one to one with an adult to give them all the personalised help and support they need. Thank you for all your support in reading regularly at home with your child and signing their reading diary.



Whole class phonics lessons will continue to take place four times a week. We will be begin to learn Phase 5 sounds following on from our recap of Phase 3 and 4 last half term. We will continue to learn to read and spell our reception tricky words and also a range of new tricky words. The children have really enjoyed consolidating their learning of phonics in the Areas of Provision. These tasks will be ongoing and children will be playing the role of teacher in assessing each other’s work in these areas and awarding each other with a lollipop stick.



In maths, the children will continue to build on their knowledge of place value, this time focussing on the numbers up to 20. We will be working on ordering numbers, completing sequences, identifying numbers on a number line and understanding that two digit numbers are made up of ‘tens’ and ‘ones’. We will also be revisiting addition and subtraction, focussing specifically on interpreting calculations that look different to ‘normal’. The children are used to seeing calculations like: 2 + 9 = 11, but are less familiar with calculations that appear in a different order for example 16 = 11 + ? or 4 + 12 = 18 - ? They will be using lots of physical resources to help them really understand what the + - and = really mean and how to work out missing numbers, wherever they appear. This half term we will also be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and position and direction, specifically full, half and quarter turns. Last but certainly not least there will be a big push on mental maths – learning to recall the 2 times table in any order and learning to add 10 to a one digit number without having to count or calculate.



In R.E the children will be exploring how we celebrate special occasions and how occasions are celebrated by people of different religions.



Having explored the theme of friendship in great depth, the children will now move onto looking at empathy and how to build effectively relationships with others. It’s so important for the children to learn the crucial skill of considering the feelings of others and putting yourself in their shoes in order to build lasting relationships with people.



In PE, the children will be doing gymnastics. They will begin by exploring different ways to travel, such as hands, feet or tummies. Then, they will learn some rolls and jumps and look at how we can incorporate these different movements into a simple sequence. They will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in small groups.



There will be lots of Christmas singing as we learn the songs for our Christmas production. We will also learn about how we can use percussion instruments to accompany our singing.



Art this half term will be covered within our learning challenge topic.


Design and Technology

Design and Technology this half term will be covered within our learning challenge curriculum and Christmas Enterprise project.



This half term the focus for computing in Year 1 will be multimedia projects. We will be designing our own interactive books via the app Book Creator. These books will include not only writing but pictures, videos and narration. The children will also be continuing their work on algorithms and learning the basic principles of computer science.