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Y1 Summer 2 2017

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


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Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Darlison, Miss Dean and Miss Berry


Learning Challenge: Can you grow your own Vegetables?

For our last topic in Year 1, we are going to be learning about all things plants do as the children discover if they have green fingers. We will be learning about the structure of plants, recognising different plants and what they need to grow. The children will be conducting an experiment by growing their own beans and observing what happens to them in different conditions. We will also be keeping a record of our experiment with our very own bean diaries. The children will also have the opportunity to go outdoors and plant some vegetables in our very own school garden. We will then use our home-grown produce (and maybe a trip to Asda!) to make a healthy pasta sauce. Our other focus this half term is local geography. We will be going on a local walk around Farsley, following a map to see our route and completing a quiz about what we can see. The children will learn their own address and post a secret letter to a friend! Finally, we reach the end of a fantastic year with a trip to Harlow Carr where we will get to learn about the different fruits and vegetables that we can grow from plants and even get to try some fresh from the soil!





We will be spending this half term consolidating all of the writing skills we have learnt this year. Our writing will be linked closely to our topic, revisiting instructional writing and continuing to improve our story telling skills using both The Enormous Turnip and Oliver’s Vegetables to inspire us. By the end of the year, children are expected to be able to write a short paragraph of linked sentences, consistently using capital letters and full stops. We will be giving the children lots of writing opportunities so they become confident with this. We will also continue to put a big focus on handwriting, ensuring children are forming all letters correctly and neatly, ready to progress to joining in Year 2. We hope to finish the year with a piece of summer inspired poetry, leading to a Year 1 poetry performance for other children within the school. Please continue to inspire a love of writing at home… we love to read the poetry, songs and stories that are often brought into class.



Guided reading sessions continue to take place each week.  Now we are coming to the end of Year 1, we are focusing on developing the children's vocabulary.  In class, when we encounter a new and interesting word, we write it on a display board for 'Word of the Day'.  The children enjoy learning it's meaning and practise using it in a sentence. Sharing good stories at home is a great way to develop your child's vocabulary.  When reading aloud to your child, celebrate any new words you discover and talk about their meaning.  Encourage your child to come in and tell their teacher their 'wow' word...they can even write it on the display for 'Word of the Day'!



In phonics, we will be continuing to revise all of our phase 3-5 phonemes ready for the phonics screening check in week 2. We will do this in lots of fun ways to ensure the children are engaged and enjoying themselves. We will use the outdoors as much as possible by writing phonemes in chalk, painting them with water or hunting for them in the playground. After the screening check, our focus will be to learn alternative pronunciations for graphemes. For example, the ch grapheme makes a different sound in chin and school. The i grapheme makes a different sound in bin and find. Spelling tricky words is incorporated into all of our phonics lessons. Now we are coming to the end of Year one, our expectations of spelling are very high. To be a secure writer, children are expected to correctly spell most of the tricky words we have taught so far. Please continue to support your child with their spellings by asking them to complete the spelling rockets sheets sent home on Fridays.



In maths this half term the children will spend lots of time consolidating their knowledge of strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They also will be tackling lots of problems linked to money and weight so talking about the value of coins at home with your child would be extremely helpful for them. Last but not least we will be having another look at fractions to ensure that the children are really confident with how to find one half and one quarter of shapes and quantities. There will still be a big focus on mental maths and learning key number facts off by heart.



This will be covered within our learning challenge topic.



In RE we will be continuing our unit on caring for others. We will learn about caring for other people and the world around us. It will help develop skills of questioning, explanation and awareness of what ‘caring’ looks like for different pupils and people of different faith backgrounds. It will also develop skills in reflection and communication and encourage self-esteem and empathy.



In PSHE, we will be focussing on the theme of money. The children will learn about where money comes from and we will discuss making choices when spending it. The children will also learn about saving money and how to keep it safe. This will help the children develop their understanding about the world around them as we will also discuss the different jobs that people do.



In PE this half term, the children will participate in team games that include attacking and defending skills such as football. This will help encourage spatial awareness, passing and receiving skills and how to work effectively with others. The children will also learn how to mark another player and use space effectively during a game.


In music this half term the children will continue to play lots of games and listen to a variety of songs from different genres to consolidate the learning they have done through the year around beat, rhythm, tempo and dynamics. The children have been getting very good at 'pitch matching' whereby they can accurately find the pitch and sing a small solo section of a song in tune. We will continue working on this during the summer term, giving lots of children the chance to sing on their own or as part of a group in class. They are becoming very confident singers and can learn quite complicated melodies really quickly!



In computing this half term Year 1 will be focusing on their laptop skills - learning how to use a track pad, how to save and format documents and develop a variety of other work processing skills.  They will also be looking at the app Doodle Buddy and will be designing their own pieces of computer generated art work.


Art and Design and Technology

This will be covered within our learning challenge topic.