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Y3 Summer 2 2017

Here is an overview of what your child will be learning this half term in the different subject areas. The Learning Challenge focus usually encompasses several curriculum areas. If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Best wishes

Miss Hellewell and Miss Sheehan


Learning Challenge: Does a plant have a happy life?

This half term our learning challenge is going to be science focused with an element of enterprise. We will be beginning this with an exciting trip to Harewood House where the children will be taking part in a ‘Plant Hunters’ workshop. Part of this learning challenge will be focusing on the science of plants. The children will learn about the parts of a plant and how their structure is linked directly to their function. They will experiment with what each plant needs to stay healthy and conduct child led fair tests. They will learn about how water is transported though a plant, the life cycle of plants and also the role flowers play in pollination. This topic will finish looking at how plants provide us with a food source and also learning about carnivorous plants which feed on other organisms. As an enterprise part of this topic, the children will be creating their own Summer fair for the rest of the school where they will showcase their learning about plants in a variety of creative games and learning activities. The children will also work on DT and art skills in this project by creating souvenirs to buy. The children will be carrying out some market research, working out costings and creating posters to promote the event.



In English this half term our writing will be linked to our learning challenge: ‘Does a plant have a happy life?’

We will be covering a range of text types to focus on key Year 3 writing skills. We will be starting by exploring an adventure story based on their trip to Harewood House. They will begin by looking at the structure and language features. The children will then be re-writing parts of the story, recapping and refining their use of speech, conjunctions, expanded noun and adverbial phrases. The children will also be producing an information text about the plants that they have learnt about focusing on all the exciting information they have learnt.

Our comprehension and independent reading lessons will continue to be focused on the novel ‘The Butterfly Lion’. Children will continue to develop their inference and retrieval skills, thinking about the actions of characters and the development of the plot.



This half term we will be returning to measure. We will be working practically to measure, compare, add and subtract: length, mass and volume/capacity. The children will be deciding which tools of measurement to use and will begin looking at converting measurement. Throughout this topic the children will be solving problems relating to the unit. We will also continue to look at statistics over this half term in topic lessons as well as maths. There will be lots of opportunities for the children to interpret and present data in bar charts, pictograms and tables during science experiments and market research for the summer fair. We will also spend a good amount of this half term revising various topics such as fractions, addition and subtraction and place value.



In RE we will be learning about Christianity. We will read lots of different parables and think about how the morals and message in these stories are relevant to our own lives today. We will also be learning about the Ten Commandments and developing our very own ‘rules to live by.’



In DT we will be designing and making souvenirs to sell in our museum. The children will research popular products on sale in museums, conduct market research to see which items are most likely to sell well and create their products.



PE this half term will focus on the fundamental movement skills of balance and agility. The children will be applying these physical skills in a range of challenges and games and learning to compete in a sensible way, including learning how to lose. We will be working on our reaction times and ability to respond quickly in a competitive situation, as well as our ability to work well with others.



This half term the children are continuing to learn about coding, creating games online using simple codes and algorithms. They will use Espresso coding to gain and practice skills. They will learn how objects can be programmed to respond to commands and begin to understand how to link commands together. Children will work though a unit of coding and programme their own game.



In this unit the pupils will begin to understand the significance of one’s own personal identity. They will gain an understanding of the relationship between rights and responsibility by considering the choices available to them, taking responsibility for their own actions and acknowledging the possible negative consequences for themselves and others. They will continue to develop empathy for others and explore practical forms of conflict resolution. They will reflect on their own personal attitudes and values.



In music this half-term, the children will be learning about pitch-matching as they sing a variety of songs. They will play games related to the concept of pitch to embed this skill. They will also listen to and appraise music.



This half-term in French, the children will recap the vocabulary they learnt last half-term, including greetings, numbers and asking questions. They will learn the vocabulary for colours and play a range of games to consolidate this new vocabulary. They will sing songs which relate to all the topics they have covered this year.