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13.6.17 Ancient Greek Day

Are the Ancient Greeks a myth?

Today Year 4 were wowed by a trip back in time 2500 years to experience the Ancient Greeks. Children became archaeologists for the morning and were tasked with analysing reconstructed artefacts from the Classic Age of Greece. Deciding which materials each item were made of was the least of their concerns, each group used clues to decide what each item was used for and did a good job making educated guesses. Our visitor Katerina was amazed by some of the children's responses! Next, it was time to decode some Greek words using a language chart. The children unlocked some fabulous key words that they will explore over the course of their new learning challenge. Finally, this afternoon the children spent time learning about life as a Greek soldier of either Sparta or Athena! Children got into character, dressed up and held Greek weapons before learning a Greek tactical board game - The Soldier Game. Perhaps they could even teach this to some of their adults at home!