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5O Herd Farm 12.03.18-14.03.18

Making beds on arrival

Puzzle Palace

A bit like the crystal maze, the children have to work together in teams to solve the different puzzles....great fun!

MTA Kits

Mountain boarding and low ropes

Unfortunately the ground was to wet and muddy for cycling so this group did mountain boarding instead which was great fun.  They also had a go at the low ropes course which will be great practice for when they face the challenge of the high ropes!

High Ropes

The children found this activity challenging but we were really impressed by the way they approached it.  They encouraged each other and in some cases faced their fear of heights to have a go.  Well done 5O!


The children enjoyed developing their survival skills.  They worked to create a fire, which for the first group was a real challenge as it was still raining!  They also made a den, although not everyone could fit in!

Relaxing in the evening

After the night walk, the children enjoyed some time to relax together in the massive lounge area.  They spent time just enjoying each other's company; some children spend ages colouring whilst others enjoyed reading to relax.  The giant game of connect 4 was a hit too!