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Leeds Food Service - emergency access to food

Leeds Food Service - emergency access to food 

Leeds Food Network accepts referrals for families, single vulnerable adults or anyone who cannot access food during these difficult times. If you think you may be eligible; please contact us and we will do our best to support you and complete a referral.


Information taken from the Leeds City Council poster below

Am I eligible for help?

If you are finding it difficult to access food due to financial constraints, self-isolation or accessibility of food provision, then you are eligible for help.


When making a referral you will be asked questions about your personal situation which will enable us to determine what type of support you need.


How can I access help?

If you think you may be eligible to help from this scheme then you can contact a local key worker or service who will make a referral for you.


This might be somewhere or someone you already have contact with such as a school, college, social worker, housing officer or it could be a provision within your local area such as a Community Hub.


Ideally a referral should be made through one of these support services, however if you are finding it hard to access these please make a self-referral by calling us on 0133 3760330.  This is a free number.


What happens next?

Once a referral has been made, we will pass your information on to local volunteers coordinators, and you will be provided with a food parcel or supermarket voucher.


This will either be delivered to a provision hub near your home for you to collect, such as a community hub, school, foodbank or a charity, or delivered to your home directly.


We want everyone to feel supported and will work with you to see what route is best for you.


For more information and guidance please contact the Local Welfare Support Team on 0113 3760330.



Healthy Start

During lockdown we know that many financial situations have changed. The Healthy Start scheme may be able to help. If on certain benefits, families, including pregnant women and children under 4 can get free milk, fruit and vegetables and vitamins with Healthy Start vouchers. Parents can apply on line at .  A change in the law means the form no longer needs to be signed by a health professional which should make the application process easier. One approved families will receive the vouchers through the post which can be exchanged a supermarkets and small retailers.