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Anti Bullying 18.11.16

The children have spent lots of time this week learning about bullying as part of Anti-bullying Week. They have learnt what it means, how it makes people feel and how serious it is. They thought about who they would tell if they were being bullied or witnessed bullying, generated ideas for a new anti-bullying policy and considered how they can help raise the self-esteem of others with their kind words. They decorated hands, made a 'bully proof vest' and last but not least took part in an amazing street dance class where they learnt a routine to 'Shake it off'. Many of the children were surprised that Taylor Swift was actually picked on when she was at school. We all appreciate how horrible bullying can be and understand that there is a no tolerance policy to any kind of bullying at Springbank. We want everyone to come to school feeling safe and happy!