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Arts Week 03.01.18

The children in Year 1 have had an amazing time this week completing their Polar bear art project. They began by researching existing artists and learning about the different materials that can be used to create a piece of art. They then began experimenting with chalks, pastels, pencils and collage materials to find out which they enjoyed using. We also learnt how to draw a Polar bear - something the teachers found particularly challenging! Finally, the children experimenting with various colour washing techniques to create an Arctic sky before pooling all of their new skills together to produce some brilliant final pieces. 


Not only did the children enjoy our class project, they also had the chance to visit different classes around school. They had the chance to take part in dance, poetry, singing and drawing to name but a few. Last but not least the children also thoroughly enjoyed a ‘Bamboo Tamboo’ session with a special visitor. They listened very carefully to the rhythms before learning how to play them back. 


All of the children have really enjoyed the chance to experiment with so many different art forms, and have really impressed us with their creativity and enthusiasm.