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Arts week 05.01.18

The children in Year 2 had an amazing time this week learning how to use a range of materials and techniques to create a wonderful winter scene. They began by creating a winter mood board using oil pastel, chalk and collage. They then worked on their observational drawing skills and drew some very intricate snowflakes with chalk on black paper. They practised tinting with water colour paint and experimented to see how shades can change when you add more water or white. They also designed and cut out some very tricky snowflakes. Finally, they pooled all of their new skills together to produce a lovely winter scene for their final piece. 

Not only did the children enjoy our class project, they also loved visiting different classes around school to learn new skills from different teachers. They had an insight into dance, poetry, singing and drawing to name but a few. Last but not least the children learnt some rhythms with an amazing drummer who came into visit. A very creative and enjoyable week all round!