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Arts Week 05.06.17

Aboriginal Art:

On Monday we learnt about Aboriginal art form Australia. We made dot paintings using cotton buds and paint.

Here are some pictures of hand prints, turtles and other Australian animals.

Tiny Tales:

We had a visit from Tiny Tales. They deliver sessions in story telling with music and movement. the children read a story called here we go round the mulberry bush and acted out dances, songs and moves to reflect each country the characters were from.

this was great fun and ended with a parachute game where they had to hop the frogs which they enjoyed greatly.

Mia Band:

We had a visit from ta Mia Band. The men told us all about their instruments and played us some different types of music. They made their instruments sound like different animals for us to guess. We learnt how to sing a song in two parts and we even had a go at playing their instruments too! We had lots of fun and when we came back to class the children talked about making their own band!

Keyboard singing and rhythm work