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Arts week 5th-9th June

Arts Week 2017


The children had a fantastic time exploring art from different countries around the world this week and we were blown away by their creativity. It has been wonderful to give them the freedom to express their ideas in a range of innovative ways using lots of different artistic techniques. First of all, the children took part in a carousel of activities around the school and had the chance to work with lots of different members of staff. They made masks in Mexico, rapped in the USA and created aboriginal dreamtime stories in Australia.

The Maia Band


The children also thoroughly enjoyed going to a performance of the Maia Band. The children listened and watched them play their instruments and sang and danced to some of their favourite songs. They loved asking the musicians questions and seeing how the different instruments worked. 

Tiny Tales and Tunes

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a story session led by 'Tiny Tales and Tunes'. All the children got involved in the session, joining in with parts of the story and enjoying lots of songs and dances. 

Class project


Last but not least, the children created some outstanding pieces of artwork influenced by the abstract artist, Paul Klee. The learnt how to use shape, line and colour to portray real objects in an innovative and abstract way. They began by using chalk pastels to re-create their own version of Paul Klee's castle picture. They were then set the tricky challenge of drawing a fish without taking their pencil off the paper. This resulted in some very interesting interpretations! Their final piece was a colourful collage incorporating all they had learnt. Very well done to everyone in Year 1. We have been blown away by the standard of work produced.