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Book Launch 30.10.17

What are Year 5 reading in Autumn 2?


This half term Year 5 will be reading Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. We launched this book first by listening to an audio clip of the first paragraph. Secondly, we read the book's blurb and talked about the information that this gives us about the novel. Last, we looked at the book's front cover and talked about the things that we could see. We made a prediction based on the things we had heard, read and seen and talked about the information we had gathered acting as clues, giving us little pieces of information about the book. 

We listened to the first chapter on BBC School Radio. If you want to listen to this chapter again with your children then click on the link below. Please don't read past chapter one as we will be reading a few chapters a week with the children and we wouldn't want anyone to have finished the book before the class do!