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Building work

Final building ready on Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Below are some photographs of the finished building...we hope you like it!  There are obviously still little bits to do such as develop the garden area in Receptions' outside area and complete the library area with books but, in the main, everything is done and ready of the children.  We are really pleased as we feel the final building looks fantastic and will be a great place for children to learn.

Phase 2 of the building work - the new building

The work on the new building is now well underway.  All the underground works have been completed and they are now working above ground.  The building will now start to develop fairly quickly over the coming weeks.  It is still on track for the building to be finished by the end of May and following this the landscaping will be completed.  Watch out for regular photographs being posted on here to show the building developing...

Photographs of the new building and Annex Thursday 9th June 2016

Photographs of the new building Thursday 2nd June 2016

Photographs of the new building Wednesday 26th May 2016

Photographs of the new building Friday 20th May 2016

Photographs of the new building Wednesday 11th May 2016

Photographs of the new building Friday 22nd April 2016

Some Year 6 children having a tour of the building Friday 22nd April 2016

Photographs of new building Wednesday 13th April 2016

The work is progressing at a good rate.  The Reception classrooms and Year 1 are now plastered as well as the corridors, group room and toilet areas.  The concrete floors have been laid in Reception and this has now been covered with a waterproof seal so the lino can be laid.  The middle section of the building which will hold the main school office, HT office and library area is developing but is not as far on as the lower part of the building.  The second floor in now in as the staffroom will be upstairs.  All the building work is on track. to be completed towards by mid June.

Photographs of Y6 children visiting the building site 1st April 2016

Photographs of the new building 31st March 2016

Photographs of the new building 25th February 2016

Photographs of the new building 5th February 2016

Photographs of the new building 22nd January 2016

Photographs of the new building on 15th January 2016

Photographs of the new building on 8th January 2016

A grandparent of a child who attends our school sent a drone up to take a video and photographs of the building work.  The video is posted below and provides a clear view of the new building.  We hope he will be able to do it again for us so we can see the building develop over the coming weeks.

Video to show stage of new building on 8th January 2016

Still image for this video

Photographs taken on Tuesday 8th September 2015

Photographs taken on Sunday 6th September 2015

Photographs taken of the Reception classrooms on Friday 4th September 2015

Photographs taken Friday 4th September 2015

Photographs taken on Thursday 3rd September 2015

Monday 31st August 2015 to Sunday 6th September 2015

The photographs below were taken today.  When looking through it does still seem like there is a long way to go but the contractors have assured me that they will have the hall and 5 classrooms completed by Sunday night.  They may have to finish small elements over the Monday and Tuesday when staff are in but it will be ready for the children by Wednesday 9th September. The decorators are continuing to work through the building; classrooms doors are now being installed and over the next couple of days other fixed furniture such as cupboards will be installed.  Ceilings are currently being put into the classrooms; they have installed LED lighting which looks like a ceiling tile so it looks really smart.  One company that supports the school ICT is coming in from tomorrow to begin putting in the brand new smartboards in all the classrooms.

The look of the rooms will beigin to change at a rapid rate over the next four days; I will be in everyday so will post daily photograph updates.  It is going to go to the wire in terms of time but we will be ready and waiting for all the children on Wednesday 9th September with fantastic new classrooms and a new school hall!  Can't wait for you all to see it!

Photographs taken on Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Monday 24th August 2015 to Friday 28th August 2015

The plastering is nearly completed in the hall and classrooms off the hall.  The decorating is well underway but there is still plenty to do.  The aim is to have all the decorating completed in the hall and classrooms by next Monday as that is when they are going to begin installing the ceilings.  The contractors are now working longer hours with some trades staying on site until 10pm at night.  The 3 classrooms (Year 6 and one Year 5 classroom) are being prioritised to ensure they are completed by Monday 7th September. The contractors are trying to get the other 3 classrooms completed too (which would be fantastic as originally we were told they wouldn't be ready until late September.  If they can't manage the extra 3 classrooms then those 3 classes (both Year 4 and one Year 5) will be in the temporary building for a week or so.  We are hoping that all 6 classrooms can be done in the time and the contractors are doing their best to make this fingers crossed!


Last week the room where the new kitchen is going to be was a brick room.  This week the steels have been put in and the walls have been covered with a special wall covering.  Next week they are beginning to fit the kitchen equipment.  The kitchen will not be completed and ready to use until Tuesday 15th September but a plan has been put in place.  All children who are on school dinners will be provided with a 'cold' lunch...sandwiches, fruit etc for the first 4 days of school.

Monday 17th August 2015 to Friday 21st August 2015

All the rewiring and heating work is now completed so the majority of the work in the main building is now cosmetic.  There is a large team of plasterers on site, who are working their way through the building, plastering new walls.   You will see in the photographs the decorators have just begun painting.  We have chosen a colour for each year group so there will be a coloured teaching wall in each classroom and the rest of the room will be a light grey.  Year 6 is going to be lime green, Year 5 - yellow, Year 4 - orange, Year 3 - purple, Year 2 - red, Year 1 - green and Reception - light blue.  The photographs show the colour starting to painted in the Year 4 classrooms.  There still looks like there is a long way to go but I have been assured that it will all come together quite quickly over the next 2 weeks.  Once the plastering/painting is completed, the new ceilings will be put in along with new carpets.  Outside, work is continuing as they are constructing the new road onto the site and the site compound at the back of field.  Once this is done, all the vehicles linked to the building work will be parked on there.

Monday 10th August 2015 to Friday 14th August 2015

The photographs below were taken on Wednesday 12th August when I had a site visit. In some photographs is may look like not a great deal has changed but I can assure you work is progressing at a good speed.  Work is being focussed on the school hall and the 6 KS2 classrooms that lead off the hall as this area of the school that needs to be ready for our return in September.  Nearly all the walls have been boarded and they are now beginning to plaster where needed.  Once the plastering has been done, the classrooms just need new ceilings, painting, new carpets and the new smartboards installing so we should see a big difference in 2 weeks time!  In the new kitchen, all the electrics have been done which was a big job; they now need to install a steel and then cover the brick walls with an anti-bacterial covering which is perfect for kitchens.  To actually install the kitchen equipment they only need about 5 days so whilst the new kitchen at the moment looks like a brick shell, they are on track to have it completed for September.  Work is still ongoing in other parts of the school, but this work is not a priority as we will not have access to these areas in September such as the large classroom (old 6JC) which is to become our new small hall.  They have knocked through where the new corridor will be that will lead down into the new building (see the photograph with the green props). 


Outside they have begun to dig up the ground for the new access road, contractors work area (where their portacabins will go) and temporary staff car park.  All these spaces will be converted for our use once the build is completed so the access road will be our new pedestrian walkway so you can get a feel for how wide it will be; the space at the back of the school will become the new playground...hard to tell the size at the moment as they are still digging!  We are going to make use of some of the soil that has to be removed by creating some sloping hills (horseshoe shaped) at the bottom end of the field which in time could be used as seating areas, performances and I am sure the children will just enjoy rolling down them during play times!

Monday 3rd August 2015 to Friday 7th August 2015

The reconstruction work has started this week.  New doorways have been put in at the back of the hall and to go into 5B's classroom (no doors yet but you can see where they will be!)  The archways that had windows in, looking into the classrooms from the hall, have all been removed and new metal structures have been put in; they were beginning to board these today.  In each classroom, a new teaching wall has been constructed.  All the electrics will be buried behind the teaching wall so when it is finished it will provide a really clean look (wire free!).  You will see from the photographs that it does still look like a total building site but they are working to schedule and over the next 2/3 weeks the school will start to look totally different.  Watch this space...

Monday 27th July 2015 to Friday 31st August 2015

The demolition work has continued through this week.  The intervention room and PE store cupboard have been removed from the back of the hall.  All ceilings have been removed.  The art stock cupboard has been knocked out so the back corridor is now a wider space.  I had a meeting with the project manage on Wednesday of this week and he reported work is going well; they are slightly ahead of time which is great.  From next Monday they begin the reconstruction work...rewiring the building, plastering wall etc.  I am making a site visit next week so will take some more photos then!

Monday 20th July 2015 to Friday 24th July 2015

The work in the main building has begun this week.  The aim is to strip the building of all remaining furniture and fixings (the demolition and destruction phase!)  The photographs below were taken on Monday 20th July and some again on Wednesday 22nd July so you can see how quickly they are progressing.

July/August 2015 - Phase 1

The first phase of work is taking place over the summer holidays and will be completed by the time school re-opens in September:

  • Complete 3 new classrooms in the main building; the current 6C classroom, the ICT suite and the mini-suite and kitchen.  All these classrooms will have new ceilings, lighting, sink areas, furniture, teaching walls and smartboards so will be fantastic!
  • Complete refurbishment of the school hall, including new ceiling and lighting.
  • Refurbishment of the back corridor in school.
  • New pupil toilets at the front of the school.
  • The creation of a temporary staff car park
  • a full re-wire of the whole building
  • new heating system and boiler
  • new school kitchen

June 2015 - Phase 1

The temporary building is now in place.  The space includes 2 Reception classrooms, HT office and main office.  It also includes a second floor which comprises of 3 large classrooms and a group room which will be used as necessary if other KS2 classes need to move out of their permanent classrooms whilst work is completed.  We are really pleased with the quality of the building as it provides the children with good sized learning spaces.

Phase 2 onwards

The second phase will begin once the first phase is completed and is likely to be the other 3 classrooms leading off the school hall (current Year 4 classrooms and 5B’s classroom).  In September these 3 classes will be in the temporary building, on the second floor.  These new classrooms are large and spacious and will provide the children with a quality learning space.  Once their classrooms are completed, they will move back into the main building.  We will ensure there is minimal disruption to the children and the teaching and learning.  I have explained all this to the children and they seem totally unfazed by the whole thing!


Once the classrooms in the main building are completed, the Year 3 children in the annex will move into the temporary building so their classrooms can be refurbished.


Throughout this time work in the main building will be continuous; the contractors will be building the new block from the summer holidays until completion.  They now estimate that the work will be completely finished, including the landscaping, new playgrounds and new staff car park by April 2016.