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Characteristics of effective learning super heros

COEL - Super Heroes:

In the 'Early Years' we not only encourage the children to learn new things but we also teach them how to be 'good learners'. This is described in our curriculum document as the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' (COEL). These skills encourage the children to explore and try new things, develop perseverance so that if something does not work the first time they will not give up but continue to try and also the begin to become problems solvers coming up with their own ides of how to solve problems. This links well with the growth mindset approach of teaching teaching the children that everyone can succeed if they put in enough effort and that mistakes  are not something to be feared but embraced.

We have talked a lot about this in reception and the children held a competition to design three characters to show the three main characteristics of effective learning:

The Explor-inator (He is not afraid to try out new things and have a go)

Max-imum effort (He tries his best at all times and never gives up on a challenge)

Captain Adaptin' (He comes up with new ideas to solve problems and isnt afraid to change his plans when he needs to.)

We talk a lot in class about which super hero they have been and how we can all be learning super heroes if we try our best.