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Choice Workshop 30.11.17

Today Year 5 was lucky enough to take part in a very exciting workshop! Jude from the Peace Museum came into school to talk to us about the importance of the choices they make. This workshop linked to our topic as she told the story of two brothers who made different choices when war broke out in 1914. Eric joined the war, like millions of others, and took part in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. He managed to find himself amongst the horrors of battle and hid in a ditch for two days whilst men were fighting. Unfortunately for Eric, he found himself in hospital and died, albeit with his brother Fred by his side. 


Fred on the other hand, was a conscientious objector and decided to campaign against the decision for England to go to war with Germany. Fred solemnly believed warfare to be wrong and instead began a campaign for peace. Unfortunately, Fred's reluctance to join the war resulted in him being imprisoned. 


The children were extremely engaged in this workshop and had a debate about whether or not they would want to go to war if they were living in 1914. It was very interesting to see that some children were adamant that they would join the war and others were against it. In the end, all children decided that war shouldn't have happened and they wish they could have campaigned against it at the time.