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Computing Curriculum

At Farsley Springbank we believe computing and the use of digital technologies is a fundamental part of the technological world our children live in. We hope to equip the children with the skills to not only become confident users of technology but also to create programs and systems of their own. This will prepare them for the ever changing digital world they live in. As part of this we also aim to make the children digitally literate and able to apply the skills they have learnt to other areas of the curriculum to use digital technologies to enhance their learning and present their work creatively.

Vision for ICT

  • We aim to introduce children to a variety of new technologies.  We use these creatively to improve and enhance learning across the curriculum.
  • We aim to teach children how to keep themselves and others safe both in and out of school, including the safe use of technologies.


At Farsley Springbank we have invested in a rage of classroom based and mobile technologies so that the children are able to experience using their skills in varied and creative ways both within school and in the wider community.




We teach e-safety across the school both in whole school focus days and within each topic of computing. We believe it is important for children to become responsible users of digital technologies and gain the skills to keep themselves and others safe.

Using ICT creatively across the curriculum

Examples of creative ICT being applied across the school recently includes a Christmas music video made on the apps Garageband and iMovie which led to the school being featured in the local press; a 10 minute film which was nominated for the Best KS2 film at the prestigious Golden Owl awards (as part of the Leeds Young Filmmakers Festival); an animation inspired by one of the Ten Pieces (a BBC classical music project) which now takes pride of place on the BBC website; and numerous cross-curricular classroom projects involving film, music, animation, web design, programming and app development. All of these creative outcomes can be found on this website. This has also led to the development of an after school group of digital leaders (Springbank Media Group) which will begin peer to peer teaching sessions over the coming academic year. 


Click the link below to see our Year 5 animation on the BBC Ten Pieces website: