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Design Technology

Design and Technology at Farsley Springbank allows children to think creatively and use their imagination to solve problems for real life situations. Through a variety of purposeful projects that are linked to other subjects across the curriculum such as maths, science and literacy; Design and Technology enables the children to develop lifelong practical skills. The children are challenged by practical design problems that enable them to create products that could be used in everyday life and for a target audience; encouraging them to think about the user and functionality of their ideas.


The children build on a portfolio of skills that progress in each year of their primary education. Each Design and Technology topic teaches the children to evaluate the current trends in the area they are designing and use these ideas to inform their own ideas. They are encouraged to think of a variety of designs, constantly evaluating their ideas against design criteria and using discussion, drawings and sketches to communicate their ideas. The children select and use materials according to their functional and aesthetic purpose to create a final design which they evaluate successes and improvements to their creations.

Cooking and Nutrition

All children across the school are taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.  We aim to instil a love of cooking by providing the children with opportunities to prepare and cook a variety of dishes using a range of cooking techniques.  As part of this process children learn about where and how different ingredients are grown and have opportunities to grow their own vegetables in Springbank's garden.  We use the local community to help source other ingredients, linked to our work around sustainability.