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Drugs Education Policy

We aim to equip children with the knowledge, understanding and skills that enable them to make the sort of choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Our drugs education programme has the primary objective of helping children to become more confident and responsible young people. We teach children about the dangers to health posed by drug-taking, both legal and illegal and we aim to equip them with the social skills that enable them to make informed moral and social decisions in relation to drugs in society.


The objectives of our drugs education programme are:

  • to provide children with knowledge and information about illegal drugs and the harmful effects they can have on people’s lives;

  • to enable children to discuss moral questions related to drug taking, and so provide a safe environment for young people to share their thoughts and ideas;

  • to help children become more self-confident so that they are able to make sensible and informed decisions about their lives;

  • to let children know what they should do if they come across drugs, or are aware of other people misusing drugs;

  • to help children respect their own bodies and, in so doing, reduce the likelihood that they will be persuaded to become involved in drug abuse;

  • to show that taking drugs is a moral issue, and that choices about drugs are moral choices;

  • to ensure that all children are taught about drugs in a consistent manner, following guidelines that have been agreed by parents, governors and staff.

You can find the full drugs education policy below.