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Endangered Animal Day 08.02.18

Save the Rainforests of our world!

Today, Year 5 held an endangered animal day where everyone dressed up as endangered animals and brought in a pound or more to save an acre of the Amazon Rainforest. We created different activities for other classes to show what we have been learning over the past half term. At the beginning, a few people shared a slide show about the Amazon in general and why it is so important to save it. The stations included: homework, puzzles, riddles, clay models, information texts and a story station. In the afternoon, parents came in to learn about the Amazon. All the parents commented on how hard we worked and were impressed with everything that we learnt! The day was an overall success and everybody had great fun and really enjoyed it. We managed to earn an incredible £336 in donations, which means we are able to save three acres of the rainforest. That's the size of three football pitches! 

Written by Year 5!