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Our Aim


Our aim at Springbank is to help children achieve the highest possible standards of written and spoken language by creating exciting and interesting lessons designed to spark imagination. We ensure that children are given regular opportunities throughout the curriculum to both write and speak enthusiastically in order to hone these skills.


The teaching of writing and reading is centred around the use of high-quality texts in all year groups. By allowing the children to immerse themselves in the written word we allow the text itself to open up learning. Age-appropriate texts are used to spark the imagination and drive the learner’s natural curiosity. By developing a deep and rich understanding of the text this allows the children to produce rich answers to in-depth questioning whilst, at the same time, providing a platform upon which high-quality writing can be produced. Specific skills can then be taught with relation to the text which allows them to be better embedded in the children’s repertoire.


We are passionate about ensuring that all children have the opportunity to access the same quality of literature. In order to make this achievable we have a ‘triple read’ approach whereby all children will have three chances to read the text during the course of a week. By having the chance to read independently, hear the same piece of text read by an adult and then use the same text within their weekly work our children are able to dig deeply beneath the surface of their reading in order to develop a much more complex, yet rounded understanding.


Outside of our class novels we have also made it a priority to give children regular access to new reading materials. In partnership with the School’s Library Service we are updating in-class fiction and non-fiction books on a half-termly basis. Our own in-school library is also stocked with the most up-to-date texts (as well as a good selection of the classics) to allow every opportunity for our future authors to delve into a world of words as they start to develop their own voice for writing.

Regular opportunities for the children to demonstrate their oratory skills are planned into the curriculum allowing the children practice, debate, review and revel in their chosen literature. We also strive for effective levels of challenge to consistently drive learning forward and ensure each child is being ‘the best they can be’.


We are dedicated, through absorbing and dynamic teaching and learning, to providing the children with a solid platform to gather and utilise the skills that will remain with them through life and ensure they are able to participate fully as a member of society.