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Feedback from parents who attended the Online Safety workshop

Feedback from Online Safety Parent workshop November 2016

12 parents attended the workshop.  10 parents completed the feedback form. Comments made can be read below.


10 out of 10 said they found the workshop extremely useful.


Parents were asked what did they found the most useful?


‘We have issues with ‘screen time’ so it was really useful to find out tips/useful sites to use.  Overall information was useful and also very interesting.  We are not at an age where some issues are relevant but good to be prepared!’


‘The links to the websites to assist setting up parental controls were very useful.’


‘Links to websites to help set up controls and settings were very useful.’


‘I found the practical ways to help really useful as well as the links provided and the materials in the presentation.’


‘I found the advice about parental controls most useful and also the information about the website you can use to check suitability of apps etc.’


‘Really very useful, funny but excellent manner to get the point across.’


‘I found the details about Safe Search really useful, along with the links including Net Aware, Common Sense Media and CEOP.  Also useful to get information to assist with conversations to have with child at home.’


‘I found running through the different settings offered from different sites, age appropriate privacy settings most useful.’


‘I found all of it extremely useful.’


‘It was a fantastic help.  Thank you very much for your time and advice.’


Thank you for all your positive feedback; we are really pleased that you found the session informative and helpful in terms of enabling you to keep your child safe online. 


Was there anything you would have liked some help with or information on that was not covered tonight?


‘Not at this stage but will come again as they get older for an update.’

School response:  We will be running an online safety session for parents on an annual basis so you can come along again when you feel you need to.


‘Not really.’


Any other suggestions


‘No it was a really useful and interesting session- thank you!’


‘Perhaps more practical help.’

School response: Thank you for this suggestion we will certainly consider this for next time. Maybe at the next session we could invite parents to being their devices with them and then checks could be made during the session.


‘Possible session for younger users about YouTube and downloaded apps.  To reconfirm that parents have full security and other options when using iPads.’

School response: We will consider running tow separate sessions next year, one aimed at younger children and one aimed at older children.