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Feedback from Reception Parent Open sessions February 2016

Feedback from Reception Parents

'It’s really nice to see the children playing outside.  I was very impressed with Mrs Hicks’ approach and control of little children. Also saw some discipline being handed out (again, good to see).  I saw my child doing some numbers and also enjoyed the phonics.

Great structure, we were both really pleased to see the children in their own environment.

(Sorry if I was a distraction!)'


'Lovely to see how creative the children can be. (Making bee pictures).

Would have liked a little one-on-one time to talk more about my child (although I understand how hard this must be with so many visitors).'


'The session was very useful. My child worked well on maths calculations and did neater writing than he has of late – we have been going over his letter formation.  He had a positive attitude throughout the time I was there – 90 mins and got on well with the tasks.'


'I think these sessions are really useful, it is helpful  for me to see what my child is learning and how it is taught along with the phonics sessions for parents.  It has given me a couple of ideas for things to buy and have at home (like the straws to build shapes with).'


'It was lovely to see all the children busy and happy playing in different areas of reception class.  Although it was noisy, it was an acceptable buzz of enthusiasm and excited children playing together. A very interactive phonics session. Always good as a parent to have the opportunity to see their child in the learning environment.'


'Great session.  Enjoyed “free flow aspect. Observed loads of learning in progress with fun aspect. Phonics session observed. Excellent. Thank you.'


'Really good to see the class in action. Great atmosphere. Interesting to see a phonics lesson. Thank you.'


'Was a lovely opportunity to come along to the open session today. Really enjoyed the children learning phonics and enjoying free time.'


'What a great opportunity to watch my child in her school environment. It gives me the chance to watch her learning things she never has any interest in doing at home. The teachers are fantastic with the children. I loved to watch her counting money and adding up to 10.  All the teachers are a great credit and are what makes this school so fantastic.'


'Enjoyed watching the children learning with numbers and coins.  How are children given the incentive to work in areas they don’t prioritise themselves? Do they get rewarded for spending time working at things they find difficult. How is this visualised for children?'


'Another great session!  Found it really useful seeing how my child interacts with classmates and the teachers. I really enjoyed watching my child learning how to count coins.'


'I’ve really enjoyed my time in school today and would like to say what a great job you all do. Thank you.'


'Thank you very much. Really enjoyed my visit. Learned a lot!'


'Very impressed with how well behaved all the children are. The respect is second to none especially when the teacher claps to signal attention. Relaxed atmosphere compared to what I had expected. Very proud of how my child is developing along with the rest of the children. Thank you for all you are doing. Keep up the hard work.'


'Good session; was good to see everything that my child does.  She got a bit upset at the end as we sat on a chair at the back and she was on the carpet at the front. She wanted us to be next to her.  A morning session might be good but not sure if she would be good but not sure if she would be happy for us to leave after.  Would have liked to ask a few questions at the end but I understand it’s a busy time for the teachers.'


'Very enjoyable and rewarding. Many thanks.'


'Had a great time. My child loved showing me around. Was great to see how much he understood about all the displays. Helped me too, with regard to his learning at home.'


'I really enjoyed the visit today. It’s so lovely to see my child learn, play and her confidence is great when I am here. She is very happy and has learned so much. I really appreciate this time in school with my child.'


'I enjoyed seeing my child in his classroom environment and he was really excited for me to be there. It was good to see some of the little projects he’s been working on that he’s occasionally mentioned at home!!  Hopefully there will be more open sessions.'


'Fantastic! I loved seeing my child at school and how and who he plays with. I loved the phonics lesson, it was really fun and the kids all behaved so well.'


'Thank you. A great insight into my child’s day. I enjoyed the phonics on the carpet and can see how she is doing in comparison – she needs more work at home.'


'I really enjoyed coming to school to see my child “in action”! It is a really great idea. I thought the maths session at the end was great – although there does seem to be an awful lot of children to give attention to!  My child obviously really enjoys school and is learning at a really fast pace which is really lovely to see. Well done ladies - you do an amazing job.'


'Really enjoyed seeing my child at work and play. Would like to ask what the different groups mean, if anything?'


'Lovely to see them have a visit to the garden. What a lovely resource. Enjoyed watching singing too.'