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Fire Day! 18.01.18

This week we were very lucky to have a visitor into our classes to help our Great Fire of London topic come to life.


We started the day learning more about the fire and playing games to help us understand how it spread. We then looked at pictures of the types of houses that would have been in London at the time and tried to design our own timber frames. 


After learning all about the houses, it was time for us to build our own! We got busy covering the boxes and painting our timber designs onto them, ready to set them on fire after lunch.


Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for! The children were fascinated to see how quickly the fire had spread, and it made us think carefully about how upsetting the Great Fire must have been. It was also a great opportunity to discuss fire in the modern day, and how we can enjoy it safely. 


We all had an amazing day. Thank you for all of the donations of cardboard boxes - we couldn't have done it without those!