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We believe that learning a foreign language is hugely beneficial for our children: from an increased linguistic awareness and development of reading abilities to developing memory skills and learning about traditions and beliefs in other cultures.


Songs and games form a large part of the lessons which the children take part in and the aim is to make the learning of French enjoyable and memorable. The lessons also provide a chance for paired dialogue which enables children to develop their fluency with familiar phrases and then extend their conversations with more recently acquired knowledge. Listening to French speakers, reading books and watching clips of everyday life in France also give the children a chance to absorb themselves in the language.


Positive attitudes towards modern foreign languages are created by teaching sequences of fun, active and lively lessons which build upon children’s previous learning. Yearly focus days such as European Day of Languages are also designed to foster a love of learning about different languages and cultures.

Working together to create words using letter cards.
Pair work matching up vocabulary
Speaking and listening using descriptions of ourselves
Speaking and listening using puppets