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Helping with Maths learning at home

Written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Below you will find our Calculation Policy (the Parent Maths workshops were based on this).  It explains the written methods we use in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  It shows the different methods the children are taught at different stages of their development and there are examples of each calculation to show how we teach the children to record their working out and answers.  If you have any questions regarding the methods used, please contact either the class teacher or Miss Jenkins, our Maths Leader, who will be pleased to help. 

Videos to demonstrate written maths in maths

The videos on the page below, also demonstrate some of the methods shown in the Calculations Policy.  We hope you find them useful when supporting your child with the maths work.

Useful Maths websites

Children often enjoy playing games on the internet so it can be a great way for children to learn whilst having fun!   Go to the page below to find a range of maths websites to can help you support your child's learning.