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High School Transition 29.06.17

Year 6 High School Transition work


As part of their Year 6 transition topic 'Am I ready for High School?' the children were visited this week by Mr Dave Jackson to discuss some of the trials they may face as they move into the next stage of their education. Mr Jackson, a former Police Officer, was talking to the children about the difference between legal and illegal drugs and the dangers of social media both in and out of school. The children were able to discuss at length both with Mr Jackson and each other how peer pressure may be an issue in High School and the best ways to avoid getting into difficulties. It was a great way for the Year 6s to have honest conversations in a safe environment with a trusted adult about their concerns or, simply, to ask questions. Afterwards, one of the Year 6 children commented: "I found it really useful because there were things that I didn't know and my friends didn't know, so it was really good."