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History at Springbank


What is History?


History tells the story of each and every one of us; people from this country and people from all over the world. Whether this story is from yesterday or over 100 years ago does not matter. History is the relationship between the past and the present; looking at people’s heritage and retelling the stories of where they came from. Studying people’s actions over time and how these cause change through analysing the evidence and studying the belongings left behind by past generations. 


History Curriculum Planning


History is mainly delivered through our exciting Learning Challenge curriculum.  The Learning Challenge curriculum allows History skills to be taught in context and give the children a real purpose for learning.  At Farsley Springbank, we focus on key skills such as ‚Äčestablishing a sense of chronology, weighing up the significance of evidence and historical sources, and developing a justified and reasonable perspective on the past.


We study a range of societies and groups throughout history in order to encourage children to understand the past of, not only Britain, but that of the wider world. By studying a range of civilisations and cultures, children develop a sense of key concepts such as continuity and change, and similarities and differences.


Year 5 at Dunstan Hall - experimenting with Anglo Saxon weaponry!

We encourage children’s enthusiasm for history through exciting school trips, such as a visit to Dunstan Hall, Leeds City Museum and Armley Mills. Regular immersion days inspire children’s curiosity by allowing them to experience many different areas of the upcoming topic, through hands on experiential learning.

As a school we look at a range of History topics, such as International Women’s Day, Black History and celebrating 100 years of the Battle of the Somme. This allows us to look at significant individuals that have shaped History such as Rosa Parks, Helen Sharman and Malala. By studying these topics, children are able to develop their Historical knowledge and have an understanding of the impact of major events that take place in society.