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Parent consultation RSE policy and curriculum

Relationship Education (RE) and Health Education is now statutory for all primary schools. At Farsley Springbank, we already teach relationship and sex education as part of our PSHE curriculum.  
We are required to teach Relationships Education as part of our PSHE curriculum. Current regulations and guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) state that from September 2020, all schools must deliver Relationships Education.  This has been delayed slightly due to covid but schools are expected to deliver RSE by the summer term 2021.


High quality Relationships Education and RSE help create a safe school community in which our pupils can grow, learn and develop positive, healthy behaviour for life. From this, children learn to understand aspects of positive friendships and relationships which works to safeguard them in future. Relationship education is vital to ensuring that all our children grow up prepared for their future responsibilities, opportunities and roles in later life.


Below are some documents that outline the RSE curriculum plans for Farsley Springbank. There is a Parents' Guide that summarises the changes and what will be covered.  We have updated our RSE policy to reflect the new guidance and finally there is a RSE progression map that shows which lessons will be taught in the different year groups.


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