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Paying Governors' Expenses Policy

 Paying Governors' Expenses Policy


Governors give their time generously for the benefit of their school. It is a statutory requirement that each governing body adopt a clear policy for reimbursing governors’ expenses, so that every governor has full access to attending meetings and training. Governing bodies can choose whether or not to pay allowances to governors.


1. General principles

  • Governors should be able to claim without embarrassment

  • Governors should decide for themselves whether or not to claim

  • Governors can only claim incurred cost (that is, the cost must have been incurred by the governors before it can be reimbursed)

  • Governors may be reimbursed for expenses incurred whilst attending governors’ meetings, training courses and other meetings undertaken in the course of their duties including child care costs

  • Governors cannot claim attendance allowances or for loss of earnings

  • All existing governors (and new governors at their first meeting) to be given a copy of this policy.

  • The policy to be reviewed annually by the Resources Committee and any changes agreed by the full governing body.

  • Claims for expenses are met from the school’s budget. The governing body might want to agree a budget at the beginning of the year.

2. Categories of expenditure


2.1 Travel and subsistence

  • Car and motorbike - Mileage may be claimed for the purpose of attendance at meetings of the governing body or its committees or other agreed activities. Claims will be reimbursed at a rate not exceeding Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ Approved Mileage Rate as published from time to time. (HMRC’s Approved Mileage Rates are available at:

  • Public transport - Where public transport is used, the actual cost of the expenditure will be reimbursed, up to standard class rail travel.

  • Taxi – The fare will be reimbursed of production of a receipt. NOTE taxis should only be considered if the same journey cannot be made by public transport or to ensure the safety of a governor.

  • Car parking - Claims can be made for car parking charges that would not otherwise have been incurred upon production of a receipt.

  • Meals/subsistence - Claims for subsistence allowances, ie for meals that would not otherwise have been purchased may be reimbursed upon the production of a receipt. The governing body may wish to agree a maximum amount for subsistence claims.


2.2 Childcare or dependent relative care

Claims for the actual cost of reimbursement to a registered child-minder or babysitter may be made while the governor is attending meetings of the governing body or its committees or other agreed activities, such as training events. Appropriate proof of payment should be submitted. This excludes situations where the individual has a spouse, partner or other responsible adult who normally lives in the family home to care for children/dependents

Care arrangements for an elderly or dependent relative will also be considered.


2.3 Clerical expenses

Where a governor is unable to use the school’s facilities a claim for reimbursement may be made for telephone charges, photocopying, stationery, etc. Receipts must be kept where appropriate; in all other cases a detailed written record should be made and submitted.


3. Claim process

Governors should claim in arrears on a termly basis unless the amount to be claimed is substantial. A sample claim form is included at the end of this policy.

Claims should be authorised by (Chair of a committee/Chair of governors) and be submitted to the Headteacher to organise payment.

The Headteacher will retain a copy of claims forms for audit purposes.


This policy applies equally to all categories of governor and includes associate members.


4. Help and support

If you need any further information regarding paying governors expenses please contact the Governor Support Service on 0113 395 0242.


Policy Approved by Resources committee in October 2018

To be reviewed every 3 years unless circumstances mean it needs to be done earlier.

Next review due October 2021