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Phonics workshops

During the year we offer two different phonics workshops to support parents in understanding how their children will learn through phonics over the year and how they as parents can continue their children's learning of phonics at home as well.


The first workshop is held in the first Autumn half term. This session helps parents become familiar with a lot of the new terminology surrounding phonics, how the phase 2 sounds are pronounced and some of the techniques we use to support early writing in class. At the end of this session is also quick intro to reading at home with your child.


The second workshop is held in the first Spring half term. This session is mainly focused on the concept of diagraph's and how we teach children to read and write these sounds. During reception we only learn one variation of each sound and a big part of this session is teaching parents to appreciate how children's writing might look as a result of this and how to nurture their early writing based on the skills they have learnt within phases 3 and 4 rather than correcting them based on content they have not yet learnt.


For any parents who are unable to attend these workshops, we ensure that all materials distributed during the evening are given out in book bags and also made available on the website.

Presentation and supporting information about Phase 2 phonics and supporting your child to read at home