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Rainbow Challenges 08.09.17

Rainbow Challenges

Well done to all the children for a fantastic start to Year 1! As we transition from Reception into Year 1, the children will be continuing to access different areas in the classroom when they are not working with an adult in a group. In order to motivate the children to access several different areas in the room we have introduced some 'rainbow challenges'. In each area there is a coloured lolly stick. When the children have completed the activity in that area, they can collect a lolly stick and put it in their envelope. The aim is to try and collect all the different colours across the week! To help the children complete the tasks to the best of their ability, all Year 1 staff will be on the look out for children who have tried their best and are using the areas positively. These children will receive a rainbow sticker for their hard work. 

Enjoy these pictures of Year 1 exploring their new classrooms!