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Rainbow Factory 12.06.18

Rainbow Factory

This week we had another fantastic school trip to the Rainbow Factory. At the factory the children were treated to an interactive show called ‘Topsy Turvy Story Tale Land’ where a wicked witch stole all the happily ever afters! Luckily, as with all the best fairy tales, the day was saved and a happy ending was enjoyed by all. Next the children enjoyed three different story based workshops. During the first workshop we wandered through the enchanted story wood and listened to the story teller, sampled mouse tea, chopped down imaginary bean stalks and rescued gingerbread men from the jaws of a crocodile! Next we listened to more stories and explored the secret garden and finally we used story cards to decide on a ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ for our very own story that we storyboarded ready to take back to school. We all had a fantastic time and cannot wait to bring what we learnt back to school.