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Reception Spring 2 2021

Reception Curriculum Newsletter for Spring 2


Here is an overview of some of the things your child will be learning this half term in the different areas of learning.  If you have any questions about the learning this half term, please contact us as we are more than happy to discuss any queries with you.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Bennett, Miss Charles and Mrs Ashley-Cooper


Understanding the world/ Speaking & listening:

We will be starting this half-term thinking about the question 'How can we look after Farsley?' We will be exploring the terms reduce, reuse and recycle. We will be thinking about the impact of littering and what we can do to help. We will also look at what pollution means and how it is affecting our world. We will be immersing ourselves in Science experiments and activities for the third week of this half-term. We will also learn about Easter and what it means to us.







This half-term the children will continue to practise their speedy sounds as well as recapping and learning some red words. They will take part in daily phonics sessions where they will be practising their reading and writing. They will have the opportunity to complete more independent writing as part of writing about the picture or writing about work in other areas. They will be spending a couple of weeks immersed in The Little Red Hen as part of Talking 4 Writing, which helps to build speaking and listening skills, develop language and enhance writing. We will also continue to share lots of stories to develop story language, listening, understanding and talking about characters, feelings and events.









This term we will continue to deepen our understanding of number, working up to and beyond the number 10 by the end of Spring. The children are continuing  to learn which numbers can be combined to make other numbers using a variety of resources. On top of this, they are also learning to add and subtract numbers from each other and even solve difficult word problems by drawing their own pictures to aid their working out. In addition to this, we are focusing on the language of shape, size and measurement in order to ensure the children can order and compare objects. This area lends itself well to home observations through baking, shopping, comparing size and weight of toys and discussing time through daily routines.


What you can do at home to support your child through Tapestry:

At this time of year we are working to compile evidence to show if your child is meeting the Early Learning Goal. We are so thankful for all the Tapestry updates and encourage you to keep sending in your children's experiences at home. It's not just phonics and maths that we'd love to see but some of the following will help to give a rounded picture of your child:

  • identifying and using technology around the home
  • choosing to eat a range of healthy foods
  • talking about how to keep safe
  • talking about past and present event in their own or family member’s lives
  • creative activities, such as art, music, dancing, story-telling