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Welcome to Reception!

The Reception staff team is made up of class teachers: Miss Heslop and Mrs Bennett and teaching assistants: Mrs Roberts, Mrs Vincent and Mrs Hicks.


You can find out more about what Reception are learning further down this page as well as lots of information and photos showing the children in action! At the bottom of this page you will find links to websites that may be useful to support your child's learning. If you have any questions about Reception please contact the Reception class teachers who will be happy to offer support and help.


Follow the home learning link below for more information on receptions home learning, our curriculum, phonics and parent workshops. 

Reception Curriculum

To find out more about the Reception curriculum, please click on the link below which will take you to the Curriculum Newsletters.  These provide a more detailed description of the learning that takes place  every half term.  If you have any questions about the learning in Reception, please do not hesitate to contact the class teachers, who will be happy to discuss any queries with you.

Find out what Reception have been getting up to...

Here you can find out more about the learning Reception have been doing; you may find this information helps you talk to your child about school.  We hope you enjoy reading about Reception learning and looking at the photographs!

Space 06.07.2016

This week the classrooms have been transported into outer space and the children have had great fun learning about space and aliens. they have been picking starts out of moon dust with tweezers to work on their fine motor skills. Modeling with moon rock play-dough and writing at our space table.

Sports Day 27.07.2016

 ‚ÄčReception had a wonderful sports day and really got into the spirit of the competition. Lions won the reception round of the competition and with only a point in it, we like to think reception made all the difference as Lions won sports day overall.

Our First Day In Our New Classroom 22.06.16


Here is a sneak peek into our exciting first day in our classroom.  We all had a fantastic day and can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

The New Classroom 21.06.2016


After a busy few days of lifting, shifting and buffing up our lovely toys the new classrooms are now finished and ready for the children. I hope they like it!

Year 3 Reading Afternoon 15.06.2016

As part of year 3's charities fundraising activities they decided to hold a book sale where all year groups were able to bring and buy a selection of books. Year 3 were then given the opportunity to read with children in the reception class over the afternoon and then perform a reenactment of some of their favourite class stories. 

The Queens 90th Birthday 10.06.16

In honor of the Queen's Birthday the children came to school dressed in red white and blue or as a member of royalty. In class we read the story 'The Queens Knickers! and watch information videos about the special day and the royal family. In the creative area we made birthday hats and birthday knickers for the queen. Some of the children decided to write to the queen to wish her a happy birthday too.

It was a great day and the children really enjoyed joining in with the activities.

Health week 25.05.16


This week in reception we have been learning about how to keep our selves healthy. Each morning we have kicked off the day with wake up shake up in our outside area. The kids have really enjoyed joining in with this and some of the adults came to join in too which was lovely to see. On Monday we took part in the fun run on the school field and we were amazed at how far some of the children ran. On Tuesday the children tried their had at Zumba in the main hall with Miss Clarke and on Wednesday they took part in a multi sports morning where they got to try out a range of activities such as an obstacle course, hurdles, bike slalom and target throwing. The kids loved this as they got  to try out lots of new activities with their friends.

The mystery eggs crack!

The mysterious eggs left in Mrs Bennett's garden have hatched after being looked after by the children for a week.  Unfortunately this happened at night when no one was in school to see them and the baby animal is no where to be seen! The children have been following the clues to try to find out what kind of animal it was. Take a look at the children investigating this mysterious event.

New arrivals in Reception!

On Wednesday we began to hear tweets from within the hen eggs and by Thursday morning each class had one egg that had hatched. Throughout the day the children watched as eggs began to crack and then slowly opened to show the tiny soggy chicks inside. The children were really excited and talked endlessly about when the chicks would be fluffy and dry ready to move to their little cadge.

By Friday there were 6 Chicks in RB and 2 in RH with one trying really hard to hatch. The chicks that were hatched were finally dry enough to move to their new cage and the children are really excited to be able to start holding them and looking after them next week.

A very strange discovery


this week Reception had a very strange arrival in their classroom. Two very large eggs were found abandoned in Mrs Bennett's garden. As the children have already got chicken eggs to look after, she decided they might be able to look after these eggs too. They have made a comfy nest for them both and have spent the week thinking about what might be inside. The suggestions so far include:

  • Ostrich
  • Snake
  • Penguin
  • Crocodile

Now all we have to do is wait and see if they hatch! 

Only time will tell....

The Rainbow Factory

Today we visited the Rainbow Factory in Farsley. The children had lots of fun learning about fairy stories by watching performances and singing songs. They then had chance to devise their own fairy tale creation by making ginger bread houses, creating coloured clay models and also drawing illustrations. The children had a fantastic day and especially enjoyed eating their lunch in the secret garden. Take a look of the fun we had!

Eggucation in reception!


On Wednesday the reception children had a surprise visit from the eggucation team. They came in to talk to the children about different animals which hatch out of eggs and to set them a very special challenge...

                          Could they look after some eggs until they hatched?

The children learnt about the incubator and how the eggs needed to be kept warm. They also learnt about hens and how to look after the chicks once they had hatched. The children will now have an exciting wait for the first signs of the eggs beggining to hatch. We will keep your posted with their progress.


Easter Disco: 24.03.16

Last night the Easter Disco was a real success. The children got dressed up for the occasion some in fancy dress costumes of rabbits and princesses. They had lots of fun dancing, playing games and of course the dancing in the snow to the Disney hit 'Let it go!'.

all the children ended the night with a bag of sweets to take home and enjoy.

Sports Relief -Glow Stick Disco 19.03.15


In aid of Sports Relief 2016 the children were invited to take part in a glow stick disco work out. The children came dressed in sporty and colourful clothing and they had a great time dancing and waving their glow sticks to the music. Most importantly we also raised a lot of money for a really good cause!


Trip to the Farm

Have a look at what Reception got up to when they visited the farm. Feeding the animals, lots of cute baby animals, fun in the hay barn and also the play barn were all big hits!

Snow Day! 04.03.16

The children were very excited to come in to find the school covered in snow. They got changed into their outdoor clothes and we went on an adventure to the field.

Thank you to all the parents who managed to send in extra clothes at quite short notice. 

The children had lots of fund rolling the snow and building snowmen.


World Book Day  04.03.16


This week we have been making time for lots of extra reading. Some of the children brought in books for us to read as a class and a few children sent us videos of them reading at home which we all watched while we drank our milk.

On world book day we all dressed up as a character from a book. We had lots of fun as you can see in the pictures.

Reception visiting the building site 12.02.2016

Reception learning in the school garden

Reception children have started gardening this term! We are taking them out in small groups on a Thursday afternoon on a continuous rota so they will all get a turn every half term.

So far we have concentrated on the children being introduced to the garden so that they are aware of the rules and what we are growing and shown all the special places like the pond, the greenhouse and our bug hotel!

They have learnt the parts of a plant and are able to identify leaves, flowers, stems and roots. They have some understanding of growing fruit and vegetables and what we can grow in this country. They know that a plant needs water and light to grow.

They are also all planting a broad bean seed which they will be able to look after in the reception playground and measure and monitor growth.  Once the bean plants are in full growth we will let the children plant them out in the garden and eventually we hope to eat them!

The children are also starting to learn some “garden songs”. Ask them about “Wiggly Woo”!

Learning logs: 20.01.16

This week the children brought in their first learning logs. The was a whole range of things which the children produced and it was really clear they had, had a lot of fun creating them. The children really enjoyed showing their learning logs to the rest of the class.

Building site visits: 14.01.16

This week some of our children went up to the top floor of our building to look out at the building work on the new school. the looked at the pictures from the last time children looked at the building and discussed what had changed as well as talking about what they could see this time. The children then came back to class to tell the rest of the children what they had seen.

Pirates and mermaids in Reception! 13.01.16

In class the home corner was  transformed into a pirate ship. The children had fun helping build the ship and add to the decorations by painting and making items like telescopes in the creative area. In the writing area the children have been writing pirate and mermaid stories using the toys in the small world area as well as puppets to act them out.

Each child made a pirate map and we also wrote letters to the pirates and put them in bottles to float tot he pirates.

Reception in the news 6.1.16

Last half term Reception were very busy with their festive activities and were lucky enough to make the news twice!

Their first appearance was on 23rd December were they made the news for winning a Christmas tree decorating competition. In early December we were supplied with a real Christmas tree and challenged to make our own decorations to make it look really festive. All of the children had a go at making some decorations form paper chains and cut and stick Christmas trees to hand print reindeer. they had a great time and we sent in a photograph of their finished product. The children were thrilled to find that out of the seven schools taking part they had been selected as the winners! Some of the children were chosen to feature in a photograph for the news paper and reception received £500 of book tokens to spend on new books for topics and the class library.

They also made an appearance on the front page of the Yorkshire evening Post on 24th December with the release of their amazing Christmas single!

Reception Christmas Video 'All About Christmas'

Still image for this video

Reception Christmas Production

'We know all about Christmas!'


Today the children performed their Christmas play for all of the parents. They had lots of fun singing the songs and the performance went really well. At the end they had a special surprise for all of the parents when they showed their Christmas music DVD 'All about Christmas'. 

Please remember this amazing DVD is available for purchase as part of the Reception Enterprise and all proceeds will be spent by the children on resources for their learning.

We would like to say a special thank you to all of the the parents and carers who supplied the amazing costumes for the production.

Take a look at some of our photos that we took during rehearsals.

Learning Log Challenge: 08.12.15

Last week we set our very first learning log to design an cover for our learning log books. The children still have another week to complete their creations but we are beginning to get some fantastic pieces back in. We decided to share a few to show some of the ideas we have been sent in and help inspire other children to get creative.

Its begin to look a lot like Christmas!

In reception this week we have been making preparations for Christmas. The home corner was transformed with a tree and a fire place ready for the children's stockings. They have been wrapping Christmas presents and learning about animals which live in polar regions. In the water area we were amazed when the water turned to ice cubes and the children had great fun exploring how the ice melted. The children have made paper chains and our Literacy Shed in the outside area was transformed into a Christmas Post office.

2D shapes 23.11.15

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We looked at circles, squares, triangles, hexagons and rectangles.  We also looked at the art work of Kandinski. We tried to use circles and other 2D shapes to recreate art work in his style.

Diwali 13.11.15

In class this week the children have been learning about Diwali. We watch a video about the story of Rama and Sita and used puppets to retell the story. We made rangoli patterns using coloured rice and also created mendi designs on paper hands. Our home corner was transformed with traditional Indian clothes and jewelery. We looked at books about Diwali and also tales from India.

At the end of the week we used Salt dough to create our own Diva lamps.

Bonfire night (08/11/15)

This week the children have been learning about Bonfire Night. They watched videos about the Guy Fawkes plot and also learnt about firework safety. During the week many children made firework pictures using black card, chalk and sequins and on the 5th Novemeber we finished the day with hot chocolate and a fireworks display on the big screen.

Spooky writing and maths (08/11/15)

This week the children have been using their writing skills to create some spooky sentences, magic spells and stories. The children shared their writing with the class and they also displayed some of it on the wall. In the Numeracy area the children completed some number sentences showing addition using the numbers up to ten.

There is something spooky going on in the water area! (03.11.15)

Today when the children came in they discovered that al the water had gone and in its place there were green and purple worms! They had great fun with them making wormy potions and disgusting wormy tea! 

Halloween week in Reception 23/10/15

This week Reception has been learning about the festival Halloween. We had an exciting change in the classroom when the home corners were changed into a potion shop and a fancy dress shop. The children had a great time exploring these new environments and using their number skills to count out potion ingredients and use the tills. They also had a go at some spooky math counting flies onto webs and completed spooky writing frames in the literacy area.


The children have been creative making Halloween masks and finished the week by icing and decorating Halloween biscuits using their fine motor spreading skills.

Building and construction 22/10/15

This week some of the children have taken up the challenge of building a haunted house. They have used a range of materials and have had lots of discussions about what makes a good structure. Have a look at some of their fantastic ideas.

Our fantastic phonics work:

Over the last three weeks we have been doing lots of work on our phonics knowledge. We have now learnt the sounds: s, a, t, p, m, n, o, i, d, c, k, and g. Here are some of the fun ways we have been learning about how to read and write using our phonic knowledge.

First Week in Reception

Here are some picture of the children during their first week in reception. They have had lots of fun exploring the new  resources.

Stay and Play

The children and parents came to visit our new classrooms for the first time.