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Residential to Robinwood

Year 6 on residential at Robinwood

The children are having a fantastic time at Robinwood taking part in a variety of outdoor and adventurous activities.  Already they have stretched themselves beyond their comfort zone and have enjoyed the sense of achievement when they have overcome any anxiety or fear to complete the challenges.  They have demonstrated great team skills as many of the activities rely on the children working effectively together.  Can't wait to see what day 2 brings!  To see lots of photographs of the children taking part in the different activities go to the group pages below.


Parents, please note that the names of the groups were changed when we arrived at Robinwood so please check the groups list below to find out the name of the group your child is in. 


Avalanche group: Jessica F, Annalise, Hannah, Macy C, Teigan, Riley, Bobby, Jacob, Adam, Reuben, Oscar and Matthew.


Iceberg group: Lily, Jessica L, Eve, Emily A, Alysia B, Georgina, Edward, Charlie, Rhys, Harley and Luke T.


Ocean group: Chloe K, Emily G, Chandni, Kacie, Lauren, Ajab, Faith, Joshua A, Joshua S, Ben, Maddox and George.


Wave group: Elise, Amilia, Ruby, Nina, Macy E, Fern, Temwisha, Alex, Dylan K, Conrad, Luke H, James R and Archie.


Whirlpool group: Anna, Alyssia G, Isobel, Arianna, Emily R, Jenny, Olivia, Sam, Ciaran, Dylan B, Scott, Theo and Jack.