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Robinwood Residential 06.02.17 - 08.02.17

Robinwood Residential

Year 6 have returned from their Robinwood residential this week feeling tired but exhilarated, having conquered a whole host of fears and acquired a new set of skills. A fantastic few days and nights at Dobroyd Castle saw the children facing some difficult challenges to test their physical, social and mental metal. Whether it was throwing themselves off a tower and down the zipwire, conquering the brain teasers of the Knight's Quest or squeezing through the narrow spaces of the caves, our children showed that they truly know how to take on a challenge with an open mind. Everyone came home having managed to overcome some sort of obstacle which they had previously thought would be impossible! We were very proud of the children for their attitude and the leaders at Robinwood regularly commented on how impressive their teamwork was as a group. Hopefully Year 6 will take these life-long memories and skills and use them to overcome the challenges which may face them in the future. Well done Year 6!

Lava group

Sarrah, Molly A, Kaitlyn, Poppy, Eva, Olivia L, Tomos, Woody, Natasha, Oscar, Jude, Jack M, Matthew

Dune group

Chloe Mc, Chloe S, Millie B, Luca D, Faith, Maddie, Ellie, Maddie, Ellie, Gianluca, Thomas H, Owen, Finn K, Finn J

Desert group

Lydia, Keira, Georgia, Gracie, Abi, Molly H, Adam, Lewis, Corban, Jonah, Felix, Josh B

Volcano group

Philippa, Lyla, Bethany, Olivia W, Maisie D, Justin, Elliot, Luke, Jack F, Kyle, Daniel

Valley group

Sophie, Eddie, Tayliah, Amelia, Millie R, Ava, Maisie W, Oliver, Sam, Jenson, Luis, Spencer, Joshua W