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Safeguarding Curriculum meeting Nov 2016

Safeguarding Curriculum Parent meeting

Miss Hughes led a parent meeting to share information and resources that are used in school to deliver elements of our preventative safeguarding curriculum.  The aim of the meeting was to increase parents knowledge and understanding of some of the sensitive topics and issues that are taught in school so that we can help the children to grow into safe, responsible citizens. 

At this meeting, we shared the resources for some of the lessons that we will be covering this year. In all year groups, these topics are approached in an age appropriate manner using a range of books, videos and songs recommended by sources such as Leeds Safeguarding Children's Board, NSPCC and CEOP.   All lessons include discussion with class teachers and a range of activities. 


The topics covered in this meeting were:

  • Tackling homophobic bullying - this is taught through a topic called ‘Different Families Same Love’
  • Protecting children from CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) - this is taught through topics such as 'Pants are Private' and for the older children this included sharing inappropriate images online.
  • PREVENT (anti-extremism).


Presentation from the meeting

We have not included the presentation from this meeting on this page as the presentation was designed for an adult audience.  If anyone would like a copy of the presentation, please contact the school office who will send a paper copy of all the information. If anyone has any questions regarding this information shared in this meeting, please contact Miss Hughes who will be happy to help.


Feedback from parents who attended the meeting

16 parents attended the workshop. 11 parents provided feedback.

11/11 found the workshop extremely useful.


What did you find most useful?


‘Finding out about the lessons that will be taught in the Pants are Private curriculum was useful.’


‘I found understanding what my child will learn and it is similar to our teachings and beliefs at home really useful.  Also extremely useful to understand the level the teaching is pitched at for each year group.’


‘I found all of the session useful and also the ability to meet the Pastoral leader.’


‘Getting information about what is going to be taught to my child useful.’


‘Really good to know what material is to be used. Very reassuring.’


‘Really useful to be made aware of the topics that will be covered so this can be built on at home if necessary or if not, you know the children have some awareness of it.’


‘Really useful just hearing and watching some of the videos the children will be watching.  Also helpful to have the information pack to read at home.’


‘Found it useful to see the lesson plans and key parts of ‘Alright Charlie’ video.  Had already attended the ‘Pants are Private’ session last year but it was good to see it again to reinforce and  remind us about this.’


‘Hearing about ‘safeguarding’ and some specifics about how we can mirror the teachings in school to keep our children safe is invaluable. Being able to take away the slides is a great tool that we will keep referring too.’


‘Really useful to find out about how the subjects are taught in class.  I appreciate these can be difficult issues to discuss and that they are not always discussed as a matter of course outside school.  It is good to know how the messages are provided.’


Was there anything you would have liked some help with or information on that was not covered tonight?


‘No I am comfortable enough to ask to borrow resources or ask for more information if I need it.’


‘No thank you.’


Any other questions, comments or suggestions


‘Wow!  This is why I love Springbank – this curriculum is relevant for so many reasons.  Thank you for you continued dedication.’


‘Although I’m a little taken aback about what my child is going to be taught in Reception, I feel very privileged that she is going to be taught this in school in an open way at a young age so it is not a taboo subject.  I think this is fantastic!  Keep up the good work.’

School response: Thank you. We feel it is really important to cover these topics with the children in an age appropriate way so that as they develop and grow up it becomes embedded learning and will empower them to keep themselves safe and know how to get help if they need it.


‘Very useful session – thank you!’


‘It is such a shame teachers have to cover all this work e.g. grooming but in today’s day and age it’s so important and I’m so pleased all the subjects are highlighted and reinforced in school.  As I mentioned in tonight’s meeting, I feel the police coming into school to give ‘fear factor’ about e-safety would be great.’

School response: Part of our role is to ensure that we are preparing children for the world we live in and this includes helping them develop skills, understanding and confidence about how to keep themselves safe in modern Britain.  In the past, we have involved the police is delivering messages in school to the older children so we will look at this again.  Thank you.


‘At some point this world will become more tolerant.  Perhaps it will start here…hope so!’


‘Having a space to be given some great advice and share thoughts and fears between parents and carers is so beneficial – thank you.’

School response: We are pleased that you found the session so useful.  It is a great way to be to discuss your thoughts with others parents.


‘Very useful information.  In my job I am very aware of safeguarding and I came to find out more about how it is discussed at school and found it very useful.’


‘As I am always late and the meeting was being held in a classroom, no-one could hear me knocking. Could you put a note on the door with a number to call for someone to answer the door?’

School response: This is a great idea we will certainly do this in the future!