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Saxon and Viking Day 4.06.18

This morning the Year 5 pupils were split into groups and worked as archaeologists alongside their Saxon visitor, Aelfled. They analysed and sketched a range of Saxon artifacts including a variety of helmets, weapons and domestic items. After break, the children played a Saxon game called Tafl and designed then made their own leather key rings. 

This afternoon Year 5 were introduced to Astrid - a Viking woman. They learned about the way the Vikings lived, what weapons they used and how they worked; trading valuable items. In the photographs above, you can see that pupils were able to try on many different helmets and hold reconstructed Viking weapons. Astrid even demonstrated just how effective and strong chain mail armour was!   

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their day as Saxons/Vikings and they are now excited to start their new topic, Vikings: ruthless killers or peaceful settlers?