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School trips linked to our science curriculum in 2021-2022

Snapshot of science in Springbank!


As part of our science curriculum we ensure that the children have a broad range of experiences that link to the content taught in each year group. This ensures that the children have the opportunity to apply knowledge taught to real life experience whilst making links and deepening understanding further.

Year 6 trip - Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

Year 6 had a fantastic day out on a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. This trip linked to their science topic 'Evolution and Inheritance'. They took part in a session with one of the Park's resident education officers who talked us through adaptation and evolution. During the session, the children learnt about Charles Darwin and his study on Galapagos Finches. The children learnt about how adaptations are passed down through genetics and had a go at creating our own animals using adaptations seen in nature. 

Have a sneak peek of our snapshot slide below!

Year 5 visitor - Wonder Dome


Year 5 had a visit from the Space dome. This inflatable planetarium showed the children the universe as they had never seen it before. An expert walked the children through the galaxy. During this, year 5 watched film that explored the idea of life on other planets as well as  current missions to space. The children were fascinated and had the opportunity to ask their questions to an expert! 

Have a sneak peak of our snapshot slide below!

Year 4 visitor-  Science of sound with Boffin Projects 


Year 4 had a visitor doing their science topic 'sound'. The children put their knowledge to the test through a range of practical experiments and were fascinated to see their learning come to life. In the afternoon, they then used scrap materials to create their own musical instruments! 

Year 1 Trip - Nell Bank


In Year 1, the children visited Nell Bank to consolidate their learning about the senses linking this knowledge to animals and how they use their senses to survive in their habitats.

Have a sneak peek at our snapshot slide below!