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Science Experiment 06.12.17

This week the children have been conducting an experiment to practice working scientifically. We started by asking the question, 'How can we stop a snowman from melting?'. We wondered if there was a material that we could wrap around him to stop him from melting. The children made predictions - bubble wrap and tin foil were the most popular! We wrapped 6 ice cubes in 6 different materials and left them from one hour. We discussed what a fair test was and why it is important that experiments are fair. 


After lunchtime, the children were so excited to sneak a peek at their ice cubes! The removed the materials and compared the ice cubes to each other. The results were not what we expected! Denim and fleece were the best at stopping the ice cubes from melting. Some children suggested this was because they were some of the thickest materials. 


We then recorded our results including a diagram of our experiment.