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At Farsley Springbank we believe that Science is a key tool for children to understand the world around them. It is an opportunity to ask questions and find out answers about important concepts and ideas. Science is taught through key questions to inspire the children and draw them into a topic. The children will build upon a high quality, knowledge based foundation, through opportunities to investigate test and explain ideas. In doing this they are encouraged to recognise the importance of explaining their thinking, drawing conclusions and making rational conjecture to prepare them for life in a fast changing society.


The opportunity for hands on practical learning is central to science at Farsley Springbank. The children are given regular opportunities for this, both in a directed and child led manner allowing them to test their own ideas. In addition to this the children are also taught the requirements of the national curriculum in biology, chemistry and physics. As with all teaching at the school this is delivered in a high-quality, active and engaging manner, challenging all pupils at an appropriate level. We believe that scientific knowledge can be linked to other areas of the curriculum and ICT, numeracy and literacy are made where appropriate. The science curriculum is also enhanced by trips and visitors for example to Rodley Nature Reserve.