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The Little Suitcase 18.10.2016

On Tuesday 18th October, Year 6 were visited by Judith Rhodes who is the daughter of Ursula Michel. Judith came to share her mother's story with the children as part of our World War Two learning challenge. Ursula was one of the last children to escape Nazi Germany to England in 1938, just after the persecution of Jewish people began. She was sent to Stoke-On-Trent with only a tiny suitcase of belongings, without her parents and little sister at 14 years old. She went to school with her host family's children and went on to become a secretary after school. Unfortunately Ursula's family did not survive the war and were last known to be in Dachau where they died. Ursula's story was made in to a documentary in 2011 and the children were very lucky to watch it, as well as seeing the original little suitcase which she brought with her from Germany. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and asked some excellent questions. Thank you to Judith for sharing such a powerful story with us!