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The Mystery Egg

The Mystery Egg:

The children were shocked when a mystery egg was delivered to school. It came with a letter from the lady at Eggucation explaining that she did not know what kind of egg it was and asking if we would mind looking after it.

The children designed and made a nest for the egg and wrote guesses for what could be inside it. The children then waited for it to hatch.

One morning the children came in to find the egg had hatched but there was no sign of a baby animal. They hunted for clues including foot prints, jewels, a half eaten pear and also the disappearance of all of our wooden building blocks! 

The children also found a letter from the creature and over then next few days write back to the creature asking for their blocks and also wanting to know what type of animal he/she was.

Today 20/03/17 Little D (the baby dragon) finally made and appearance. The children made him a lovely home where he would be warm and promised to feed him healthy food and read him lots of stories.