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Toy Designing 13.11.17

Toy Designing


As part of topic 'Are old toys as magnificent as mine?', we have challenged the children to design their own new toy for a reception child. To help us get some ideas, we were lucky enough to video call a real-life toy designer from the company 'Design by Touch'. The children planned lots of questions to ask David such as 'How long does it take to make a toy?'. We were surprised to discover that it takes two years from being designed to the toy being in the shops! He also showed us the different stages of bringing a toy to life, such as drawings and 3D printed models. This really gave the children an insight into the process that leads to their favourite toys.


We then came up with some success criteria for what sort of toy a reception child might like. The children discussed ideas and came up with 3 sketches. We then conducted some market research with some of our own reception children. The children went into the reception class and pitched their ideas to different children. They kept a record of which toy was the most popular that they will then draw for their final design.