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Transition between Year 6 (KS2) and High School (KS3)

The process of applying to a Secondary School place.

Choosing a Secondary School is an important decision.  Parents/carers along with their child need to make the decision and submit a preference form by the 31st October in the year their child is in Year 6.  As parents have to make their choice early in the academic year when their child has only just started Year 6, parents/carers really need to start considering their options in the Summer term when their child is in Year 5.


All the Secondary Schools hold Open Evenings for prospective parents and children to go and have a look round and find out more about each school.  Many of these Open Evenings are held in the Summer term and some are early in the Autumn term.  Attending these Open Evenings can be vital in making a decision as parents and children will often get a 'feel' for the school that they prefer.  All the Secondary Schools in our area are 'good' schools and so it often does come down to personal preference.  Some schools may have strengths in particular areas that are important to you, equally you may feel that they are all great and are happy to let your child to make the final choice.  We will inform you when we are given the dates for the various Open Evenings.


Once you have made your decision, you can apply online at   The link is also below.  

The closing date for applications is 31st October 2015.


The benefits of applying online are:

  • it is quick, easy and safe;
  • you will receive a confirmation email that your preferences have been received (which you should keep). It can take up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation  e-mail; applications that are sent through the post can be lost, by applying online you are automatically provided with proof that we have received your application;
  • you will be able to log back in and check or change your details up until the closing date of 31 October.
  • in March you will be emailed with our offer of a school place, and will not have to wait for the post.


Alternatively you can complete the Secondary common preference form by hand and return it to either our school or send it directly to the Admissions Team at Leeds City Council.  When completing the preference form, please ensure you have read the guidelines so you complete all the sections accurately.  If you are posting a paper copy, please return it to:


Leeds City Council Schools Admission Team:

Leeds City Council

PO Box 837

Admissions Team



Tel: 0113 2224414


Offers of a Secondary School place are sent out early March.  If you are happy with the school your child has been allocated, you must accept the school place formally.  Details on how to do this are sent out with the offer letter/e-mail.  Failure to accept the place, could mean the place is withdrawn and given to another child.


If you have not been offered a place at the school you have requested you can appeal against the decision.
If the school you have applied for is a community school, you will need to apply through Leeds Admissions to arrange an appeal. You can download a form from the link below.
If the school you have applied for is an academy, voluntary aided or foundation school, you may have to contact the school to arrange an appeal. A list of schools that arrange their own appeals can be downloaded from the link below.
If you wish to appeal against a decision for a school in a different local authority, you should contact the relevant local authority for further details.
Appeals are heard by panels which are independent of the council, schools and governing bodies. The panel follows the School Admission Appeals Code drawn up by the Department for Education with advice from the Local Government Ombudsman.

What does our school do to support the children with transition to Secondary School?

In the last half term of the academic year we work with the children around their move to Secondary School as we want to ensure that the children feel as confident and happy about transferring as possible.


PSHE lessons are focused around transition and provide the children with many opportunities to discuss any concerns or worries they may have. 


For our school it is usual that the large majority of children go to either Priesthorpe, Grangefield or Leeds West Academy.  When there are a significant number of pupils going to a Secondary school, the Secondary school staff will visit our school.   During this time, the Secondary staff will meet with the children and talk to them about life at their school and provide the children with a chance to ask lots of questions.  Sometimes they will bring a small group of Secondary children with them so our children can talk to them as well.  The Secondary staff will also meet with our Year 6 teachers so they can discuss each individual child and ensure that all relevant information is passed on.


Where only one or two children are going to a particular school, the Secondary school staff do not tend to visit the school but will have a telephone conversation with our Year 6 teachers to gather the information about the individual children.


In July, usually the first Thursday although this can vary depending upon the Secondary school, the Year 6 children will spend a day at their new Secondary school.  On 'Moving up day' the Year 6 children go straight to their Secondary school.  They wear their school uniform as usual.  They will take part in a variety of different lessons over the day and usually return to us the next day full of excitement about Secondary school!


Again in the case where only one or two children are going to a Secondary school, these schools sometimes organise an extra 'Moving up day' so all the children who are moving up on their own get to meet other children in the same position and make some new friends before the big 'Moving up day'.  However this is down to individual Secondary schools to organise so some do this others don't.


If any children have specific additional needs, if we feel it is necessary, then extra transition sessions are organised.


If you have any questions around transition to Secondary school, please contact our Year 6 teachers who will be able to answer any questions.

Local Secondary schools

For your ease, below are links to the four Secondary schools that are the nearest to our school and frequently the most popular choices for our children.