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Transition from year to year within our school

Transition from year to year within our school is managed effectively to ensure that children can move up into a new year group feeling confident and secure.


The children have many opportunities throughout the school year to have contact with different members of staff other than their current teacher and teaching assistants through assemblies, after school clubs, themed days etc.  Because of this, the children are often looking forward to moving into a new year group and already know their new teacher.


In the last half term in the Summer term, we hold a 'Moving up day'.  All the children spend a full day in their new classroom with their new teacher and the teaching assistants that will be working in their year group from September.  During the day, the teacher will spend sometime explaining the expectations for the year groups and sharing information about some of the exciting topics/events/trips the children have got to look forward to.  The children will negotiate their classroom promise (rules) so when they start in September the class promise will be on display and the children will know what is expected of them.   The rest of the day is spent on learning activities so the teacher can get a 'feel' for what the children are capable of and find out about more about each child on a personal note.


Following 'Moving up day' we hold a series of different meetings for staff to share information about each child to ensure the new teacher and teaching assistants have a full picture about the needs of each child.

  • Pupil Progress meetings are held with the current teacher, the new teacher and a member of the Senior Leadership team.  This meeting is designed to ensure that progress and attainment information is shared and thoroughly discussed.  If any children have not made expected progress or are still working below age related expectations, appropriate interventions can be planned ready for September.
  • Special Needs meetings are held with the SENCo, current teacher and new teacher and teaching assistants to develop new Personalised Plan's for the September so any interventions or personalised programmes can be set up and ready to start straight away in September.
  • The current and new teachers have a meeting, along with all the relevant teaching assistants to share general information about each child so the new staff have a full picture about each child enabling them to build positive relationships very quickly in September.