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Trip to Armley Mills 07.09.2016 + 08.09.2016

Armley Mills Trip

On Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th September, Year 6 visited Armley Mills to experience life as a child during 1940. The children looked amazing in their 1940's costumes which really helped them to get in roll. The children arrived at the schoolroom and were split in to boys and girls which was traditional for schooling in World War 2 and they were taught all about the importance of having their gas masks with them. Children then experienced the gas rattle and had chance to see some gas masks from World War 2 and try on some replicas. Later on in the morning the children received their notice of evacuation! We then looked at the very small amount of things that they were allowed to take with them before using a dip pen and ink to write out their evacuee tags. The morning ended with an air raid siren when the children had to duck and cover under their desks to keep themselves safe. All of the children really enjoyed the experience and are extremely enthusiastic about learning more about life in the war.